Marine Tradition Museum Brief Profile

The MARITIME TRADITION MUSEUM was founded in 1992 and is situated in Greece’s and one of the world’s largest ports, Piraeus.
The Museum is a non-profit organisation and is funded mostly by sponsorship, especially by its Members of Board of Directors.
The Maritime Tradition Museum's collections comprise about 3.000 items, bought from private collections.
The Museum has the world’s most important exhibits on Greece’s history and maritime history from Ancient to modern times, including maritime art, cartography, engraves, ship models and plans, scientific and navigational instruments, time-keeping and astronomy, Byzantine maritime art, traditional art, warship collectibles and many other categories. Moreover, the collection of maps, charts and engraves of Greek area from 16th - 19th Century (260 items) is probably one of the biggest in Greece.
The Museum has built and keeps a series of medium - size (length: 12 - 14m) traditional ship models, like "Athenian Trireme" and "Psariani Galiota", etc. Museum has a lab and employs a team of traditional shipbuilders to produce and conserve the medium - size boat collection. Also, a number of experts in maritime history, archaeology, art and technology working hard in order to develop the Museum’s “production”.
The Museum conducts researches in collaboration with the European Institute of Maritime Studies & Research (INMER) and other European and U.S Universities and Institutes to develop its exhibits. A number of studies are issued by Museum as: "The Traditional Boatyards & Wooden Vessels in the Island of Spetses", "Greek Cartography & Engraves - Art or Science?", "The contribution of Greek Merchant Fleet to the Greek Independence War of 1821", "the Greek Wooden Ships 17th - 19th Century", etc. Moreover, the Maritime Tradition Museum has a very interesting maritime library. It has one of the Greek largest maritime historical reference libraries (1.000 volumes) including books dating back to the 15th century.
The Maritime Tradition Museum also offers educational courses. These programmes use the Museum’s settings to provide to students a visual and hands - on lesson in a variety of maritime subjects including mapping, shipbuilding, maritime history and technology. The Maritime Tradition Museum, publishes a bimonthly magazine (5000 copies) entitled: “Sea and Art” containing historical and general maritime subjects.
Furthermore, the Museum plans, designs and fabricates temporary and permanents exhibits not only indoors but also outdoors. The Maritime Tradition Museum has participated successfully, in the past few years, in a number of both international and national exhibitions.

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